Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark: Review

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Overview Games from independent developers are always a lottery. Behind a stylized picture and loud promises can be hidden as a complete disappointment and a real masterpiece. 6 Eyes Studio remembered the magnificent Final Fantasy Tactics and tried to create a spiritual heir. The story of Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark tells of the demonic forces that tormented people and the powerful immortals

Remnant: From the Ashes Review

Remnant: From the Ashes Review

New Arrivalsbest pc games reviewlatest pc gamesPC gamesRemnant: From the Ashes Review

Overview The developers of Remnant: From the Ashes took a rather bold step, crossing several popular gaming concepts. New from Gunfire Games combines a Soulsborne -style progression system, The Division cooperative interaction, and role-playing elements from Diablo 3. And all this is wrapped in a third-person shooter wrapper! Whether such a hodgepodge went to the game in favor, we will try to figure out our review. The player,

Castlevania Anniversary Collection: Review

Castlevania Anniversary Collection: Review

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Overview In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding, Konami decided to release several collections of classics, including the Castlevania Anniversary Collection. Here you can also find a digital version of the book History of Castlevania: Book of the Crescent Moon, which has a lot of interesting sketches. The collection offers several interesting features. For example, players can choose Japanese versions of

Shadowbringers Final Fantasy XIV: review

Shadowbringers Final Fantasy XIV: review

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The Final Fantasy series evokes many associations, images, and memories. A true “finale” is impossible without the spirit of adventure, an epic scale, interesting characters, and drama. But can the MMORPG script give such a vivid impression? It turns out maybe. Fresh large-scale expansion for Final Fantasy XIV – Shadowbringers – immediately throws headlong into the pool of dizzying events. In the First World, which exists in another

Outer Wilds Review

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Game Review A new game from the small Mobius Digital studio for Xbox One and PC appeared on the horizon unexpectedly and, unfortunately, was not noticed by the audience. And this is sad, because before us is one of the most exciting projects of 2019. In Outer Wilds, a player takes control of an unnamed explorer from the planet Kamelek. The space program was launched recently

Amid Evil

Amid Evil: Review

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Game Overview Retro shooters have become an independent niche, which continues to be in great demand among the millenial generation. The publisher New Blood Interactive has very successfully saddled the nostalgia of the fad, releasing last year his dedication Quake called DUSK . Their recent Amid Evil follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, trying to diligently copy the style and atmosphere of


Antigraviator: Review

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Game Overview This is not to say that the genre of the race for the future of the car is experiencing a blatant decline, but the most prominent representatives on the market are updated reissues like the Fast RMX for the Nintendo Switch or the Wipeout Collection for the PS4. However, sometimes completely new projects come out. For example, last year’s Redout or fresh Antigraviator.

God's Trigger

God’s Trigger: Review

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Game Overview If Hotline Miami resembled “ Drive ” by Nicholas Winding Refn, then God’s Trigger is much closer to the film “ From Dusk Till Dawn ” and the “ Kill Bill ” movie.   God’s Trigger tells the story of two characters: an angel thrown to Earth called Harry and a runaway demon Ida. Despite the differences, they unite in order to stop the looming End of