Silver Chains Review

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Overview Modern indie games in the horror genre use the same run-in tricks as if creating a continuation of some kind of endless series. Ghosts, demons, curses, and lost souls keep the heroes in the walls of ruined mansions, longing for their salvation or revenge. The debut work from the Yakut studio Cracked Heads Games resembles something we

Astral Chain Review

Astral Chain Review

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Overview It’s been 10 years since the release of the first PlatinumGames projects. During this time, the talented studio created several new IPs and managed to work on franchises of third-party companies. And while some employees are working on Bayonetta 3 and Babylon’s Fall, the team of Takahisa Taura, designer of NieR: Automata and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, under the supervision of Hideki Kamiya, released the Astral Chain for

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan;Reviews

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan;Reviews

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Overview As we have written many times, interactive projects and horror films after a small crisis are again popular. And while Netflix, Amazon, and HBO release their films with modest choices (bite the ant Yes / No for the ass), major game publishers are trying to find an individual approach to gold-filled veins. So Bandai Namco and the creators of the most


Subnautica: Review

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Overview Nearly a year after the release on the PC and five years in early access, Subnautica reached home gaming systems.   Conceived in the golden age of numerous survival simulators, the game from Unknown Worlds Entertainment tells about the conquest of deep space and the colonization of exoplanets. You are in the role of one of those who survived after the