Amid Evil

Amid Evil: Review

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Game Overview Retro shooters have become an independent niche, which continues to be in great demand among the millenial generation. The publisher New Blood Interactive has very successfully saddled the nostalgia of the fad, releasing last year his dedication Quake called DUSK . Their recent Amid Evil follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, trying to diligently copy the style and atmosphere of


Antigraviator: Review

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Game Overview This is not to say that the genre of the race for the future of the car is experiencing a blatant decline, but the most prominent representatives on the market are updated reissues like the Fast RMX for the Nintendo Switch or the Wipeout Collection for the PS4. However, sometimes completely new projects come out. For example, last year’s Redout or fresh Antigraviator.

God's Trigger

God’s Trigger: Review

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Game Overview If Hotline Miami resembled “ Drive ” by Nicholas Winding Refn, then God’s Trigger is much closer to the film “ From Dusk Till Dawn ” and the “ Kill Bill ” movie.   God’s Trigger tells the story of two characters: an angel thrown to Earth called Harry and a runaway demon Ida. Despite the differences, they unite in order to stop the looming End of

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn: Review

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Game Overview Released in 2010, Kirby Platformer: Epic Yarn has become one of the best games on the console of the Nintendo Wii, returning a charming pink bun to the pedestal of the platform genre. The developers went on a bold stylistic experiment, placing the new Kirby in the world consisting of wool, fabric, other realistic materials and textures, providing the gameplay

Devil May Cry : Review

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Game Overview The original Devil May Cry for PS2 not only became a cult classic but also marked the beginning of a whole subgenre of stylish action games. And while the fans of the series once again re-pass DMC 5 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, Capcom offers the owners of Nintendo Switch to remember how it all began. The first part is very different from what happened

American Fugitive

American Fugitive: Review

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Game Overview The clones of the classic GTA are rare guests even for the indie scene, which over the past few years has managed to sort through all the possible variations of the original games and modifications. The creation of Fallen Tree Games is trying to repeat the formula for the success of a criminal action movie with a top

Generation Zero

Generation Zero: Review

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Game Overview The creators of Just Cause , Mad Max and RAGE 2 , which has not yet been released , Avalanche Studios , released their first independent game, Generation Zero . Did the company manage to do something really impressive, or is there another raw project in front of us? Let’s figure it out.   Generation Zero is a first-person shooter in the scenery of the Swedish hinterland of


Devotion: Review

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Game Overview The niche horror genre has long been turned into a landfill for indie trash. Of course, we are also pleased with projects, such as The Evil Within or Resident Evil 2, but the bulk of releases are too low-budget to meet the mass consumer. It is especially sad that when something potentially interesting appears on the scene, Konami’s curse covers him. Like,