Remnant: From the Ashes Review

Remnant: From the Ashes Review


The developers of Remnant: From the Ashes took a rather bold step, crossing several popular gaming concepts. New from Gunfire Games combines a Soulsborne -style progression system, The Division cooperative interaction, and role-playing elements from Diablo 3. And all this is wrapped in a third-person shooter wrapper! Whether such a hodgepodge went to the game in favor, we will try to figure out our review.

The player, having spent a couple of minutes creating his character in a simple editor, finds himself in an alternative reality in which the apocalypse has set in. The Root monsters, resembling resuscitating trees of a humanoid appearance, slaughtered most of the world’s population, and our protagonist will have to stop the invasion together with a handful of survivors while visiting other worlds in search of answers. In itself, all this suspiciously reminds Darksiders, which is not surprising, given the developer.

The sad fact is that, with a couple of minor details, the paragraph above describes the storyline of the game very fully. Primitive dialogues, missing character characters and a finale that can disappoint even the most unpretentious players are all the disappointing reality of Remnant: From the Ashes.

At the very beginning, the project is still trying to pretend that it has something to tell, periodically slipping diaries and notes, and also introducing new characters, but then all these attempts come to naught.

The scriptwriters did not even bother to provide the game with at least some noticeable backdrop in the form of prescribed lore. No one will normally tell how exactly humanity fell, where the main character came from, what motivates them, who are all these survivors, how they ended up here and how they feel that they are probably one of the last people on the planet. Only dry snatches of phrases on duty, designed to at least somehow explain the presence of a dialogue system in the game.

Remnant: From the Ashes Review

Nevertheless, not everything is so bad, and the project still has something to interest in. If you played at least one part of the Dark Souls series, you will immediately understand what the gameplay of Remnant: From the Ashes is. Structurally, the world looks like a hub into which the protagonist falls, and then, using portal stones goes to parallel worlds in search of a way to prevent the complete extinction of humanity. Each dimension has its own visual style and a population hostile to you. At least in most cases, this is exactly the case.

Opponents are quite diverse, have different types of attacks, and in groups can cause trouble if you approach the upcoming shootings without first planning your own actions.

In addition to ordinary opponents, in the midst of battle, you can be attacked by peculiar mini-bosses, the appearance of which is randomly generated and always comes as a surprise. Each of them draws all the attention to themselves, because a couple of shots, like an ordinary monster, cannot be blown down, and they are quite capable of tapping on the head of a gaping player.

Each of them requires adhering to certain tactics for victory. Someone imposes a melee, and, being at close range, carries out combos that inflict huge damage. Someone stays in the distance, firing on their own or calling allies for help, while someone is completely invulnerable at first glance and you will first need to find a weak spot for the attack.

Graphics and Features

Such random skirmishes, no doubt, contribute a bit of variety to the gameplay. The reward for the victory will be an increased amount of experience, as well as rare materials for creating and improving equipment.

Truly unique items can be obtained only by defeating full-fledged bosses, of whom there are a great many. This is not to say that these fights turned out to be very difficult, but there will be cases when you die several times before fully familiarizing yourself with the behavior of one or another opponent. Victory, however, promises you the opportunity to create a special weapon or a special modification for it.

Modifications are, in fact, active abilities for your character, the recharge of which is tied to the use of a particular barrel. They can have a wide variety of effects in battle, from the creation of a sphere of healing for the character and allies to the ability to summon tentacles that grow directly from the ground, lure all enemies in the area and deal damage to them, so you can catch your breath.

Remnant: From the Ashes Review

In addition to weapons, armor also affects your survival. It can be bought from merchants or found at locations. All things in the game are grouped into sets. The more parts of the set are worn on your character, the stronger the effect of the positive effects from the equipment of this set becomes.

An important point is the resistance of the armor to various types of damage and weight, which determines how mobile the hero is – how deftly he tumbles, dodging enemy attacks, and how fast the endurance strip is consumed during printing. Remarkably, melee does not consume it – and this is strange.

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