My Friend Pedro: Review

My Friend Pedro: Review


My Friend Pedro is one of those rare indie games, the creation of which we have been following since the announcement due to the bright humor, explosive mechanics and atmosphere of Hollywood blockbusters. And we must admit that the final product not only meets dynamic trailers but also surpasses them in many ways.

Made in the style of the series closed after the second season of the series Happy! the project takes you to a dirty basement on the outskirts of the city, where the maniac butcher’s henchmen try to send you to the table to honest citizens of the city. The sudden appearance of an imaginary banana helper not only changes the balance of power but also turns the nameless guy in the mask into a real hero, able to find and punish a network of drug dealers, cyborgs, perverts and role-playing gamers through blood and pain.

My Friend Pedro: Review

Traveling through six episodes, each of which consists of almost a dozen levels, you with physics in the style of the Trials series overcome obstacles by shooting numerous opponents with two hands or from heavy weapons. Sometimes grenades, sniper rifles, and shotguns are used.

Weapons can be picked up from dead enemies and changed on the go during fights, but in this dance of death only starting pistols have an infinite number of rounds. Adding to the hurricane action a limited mode of time dilation, the authors turn their creation into a wild mixture of “ John Wick ”, “ Matrix ” and “ Deadpool ”. From the last game, I got a sarcastic banana, releasing caustic comments about defeated enemies or your character’s actions.

Graphics and Features

Developers are not limited to boxes of labyrinths of levels, adding to the game car races and free fall with shooting at live targets.

Martial mechanics respects your freedom of creativity, offering many possibilities and combinations. You can throw a frying pan into the air and send it to the enemy’s head in the bounce off the wall, then roll somersault and shoot arriving enemies with both hands, dodging bullets in a series of fouettes.

Sometimes levels allow you to crush enemies by balancing on a barrel or by making a kickflip on a skateboard. In My Friend, Pedro is a place for crazy stunts like flying in the gas tank or throw deadly decapitated defeated enemy.

My Friend Pedro: Review

As the levels change, from city blocks to sewers and secret data centers, where crazy role-playing game fans sharpen their swords, game mechanics become more complicated. At first, you simply use the standard system of jumping from surfaces, but then to this are added cables, elevators, complex mechanisms, protective fields, and dangerous lasers.

You also get the opportunity to shoot at metal panels that reflect bullets in different directions, which changes the approach to passing stages. Enemies also do not sleep, suddenly descending on ropes or using sniper rifles and shelters.

Changing configurations of levels with a dozen levers make the gameplay a real puzzle. And in a world of wild fantasies that suddenly appears in the middle of the game, your hero even gets the ability to fly on a hat with a propeller.

User Experience

Graphically, the game was performed beautifully with fashionable special effects, explosions and beautiful traces of flying bullets and flying splashes of blood and bodies.

My Friend Pedro: Review

It is amazing that the authors managed to achieve all this colorful variety using Unity technology. The version for Nintendo Switch turned out to be very high quality. On the first hybrid system, the game looks great in both portable and stationary mode. We did not find any performance problems. The downloads are also quite adequate. There is no touch control.

As for music, the Canadian electronics engineer Navie D and the hiding behind the pseudonym Noisecream Dmitry Rusetsky were able to create a rich and diverse soundtrack with elements of dubstep, drum, and bass and psychedelic.

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