Life is Strange 2 – Episode 4: Faith Review

Life is Strange 2 - Episode 4: Faith Review


Almost imperceptibly against the backdrop of Gamescom and high-profile boxed releases, the fourth episode of Life is Strange 2 appeared – Faith, continuing the story of two Mexican teenagers who dream of hiding from racist America. 

The inevitable ending of the last chapter with a fatal eye injury takes the eldest of the brothers, Sean, to the dungeons of the state clinic, where he is guarded by a drowsy policeman, is questioned by an FBI agent and awaits a harsh but fair American court. 

Having received a sudden clue about his brother’s whereabouts, he decides to escape from the cops and the colony awaiting him in the near future, using one of the three options proposed by the authors.

But even with this variability, the creators reduce everything to a single line, where you will find the inevitable confrontation of the Mexican family against a new source of evil – this time the Christian church.

And here the French leftists remain true to themselves: throughout the journey, they palm off caricatured images of white Americans, who for the most part look like filthy racists, maniacs, hidden pedophiles and money-hungry religious Luddites.

Life is Strange 2 - Episode 4: Faith Review

The only positive heroes from the white majority are childfree fem activist and a gay teenager, tormented by religion and brainwaves.

In other words, this is an analog of Russian liberal cinema, such as Leviathan, with only a high degree of tin and scenery from modern America.

But if you ignore the mouthpiece of propaganda, then the fourth episode is one of the strongest in the new saga.


Here, characters are better revealed, the story takes on a slightly more social character, and some scenes are performed at a very high artistic level.

Graphics and Features

Communication between mother and son with a stingy tear in reddened eyes clearly demonstrates that all this bravado about the lack of disappointment in the decisions of the past is just an attempt by an unfortunate and devoid person to justify old mistakes.

The remaining sections, including a journey through the desert, a stretch of stealth or an escape from the hospital, only add the plot of the necessary dynamism.

Life is Strange 2 - Episode 4: Faith Review

The authors do not abandon the traditional long plans, the sounds of nature and frames, where nothing happens in order to revive the atmosphere of easy melancholy.

But what worked in the first part now without teenage lyrics and indie music looks a bit strange.

There are no indie tracks in episode four, with the exception of Cascadeur ‘s choral rendition of “ Meaning ” in the closing credits.

Graphically, the game looks the same as before, pretty, but without any visual improvements or filters. The work of artists and the possibilities of the game engine continue to delight with beautiful lighting and good styling.

User Experience

Life is Strange 2 - Episode 4: Faith Review

Sometimes little blurry backdrops come across, but in general, the landscapes in the new episode turned out to be excellent.

The camera angles have become even more cinema-like, which brings the series with a minimal amount of action closer to modern interactive films. And, perhaps, this is much better than doing pixel hunting in enclosed spaces.


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