Generation Zero

Generation Zero: Review

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Game Overview The creators of Just Cause , Mad Max and RAGE 2 , which has not yet been released , Avalanche Studios , released their first independent game, Generation Zero . Did the company manage to do something really impressive, or is there another raw project in front of us? Let’s figure it out.   Generation Zero is a first-person shooter in the scenery of the Swedish hinterland of


Devotion: Review

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Game Overview The niche horror genre has long been turned into a landfill for indie trash. Of course, we are also pleased with projects, such as The Evil Within or Resident Evil 2, but the bulk of releases are too low-budget to meet the mass consumer. It is especially sad that when something potentially interesting appears on the scene, Konami’s curse covers him. Like,

Darksiders Warmastered Edition

Darksiders Warmastered Edition :Review

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Game Overview The original Darksiders: Wrath of War was one of the major discoveries of 2010. The project from an unknown studio Vigil Games was able to combine the unusual style with the classic gameplay in the spirit of Soul Reaver and The Legend of Zelda . The combination of a realistic world, post-apocalypse and fantasy elements looked fresh and interesting. And the protagonist’s charisma, fascinating


Rainswept: Review

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Game Overview Criminal adventures against the backdrop of the popularity of serial investigations, like Dead Wind or “ The Real Detective ”, are slowly gaining popularity in the boundless niche of indie developments.   The project from Frostwood Interactive, which was released in early February almost unnoticed by the big press, is trying to shift the social drama about detective Michael Stone, who


Truberbrook: Review

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Game Overview Another Kickstarter came to the full release, and this time it’s about the adventure from the German company btf .   A project called Truberbrook talks about a young American scientist and a specialist in quantum physics, Hans Tannhäuser. Outside the window is the 67th year, the height of the Cold War, and the main character wins a ticket to

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night :Review

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Game Overview Koji Igarashi’s game has come a long way from the concept, which collected five and a half million dollars on Kickstarter, to a period of turbulence and change, and then the final result, which, unlike most games created in the club, does not cause disappointment. Considering the fact that the Castlevania series has lost its original course since 2010, and I

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2: Review

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Game Overview Super Mario Maker 2 is a continuation of the popular platformer / designer. The original concept, created for the first part with the Nintendo WiiU and 3DS , was warmly accepted by players and even third-party developers, who for many years released free levels built in the editor for the project. Nevertheless, the first part could be significantly better with

Mor Pathologic 2

Mor Pathologic 2: Review

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Game Overview The debut project of Ice-Pick Lodge – the original “ Mor. Utopia ”was a real art-house, which acquired a cult status in Russia. This year, the authors released a reworked game in the form of a remake, which in the West is positioned as a sequel. The plot of Pathologic 2 tells the story of a steppe city to which a

Collection of Mana

Collection of Mana: Review

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Game Overview Square Enix continues to remind of the golden era of console role-playing games, publishing all the new re-releases of the classics on modern platforms. Our guest of today, the Collection of Mana for the Nintendo Switch, brings back memories of a time when it was possible to take the game almost at random and head off into a quality