Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Donkey Kong Adventure: Review


Donkey Kong Adventure ’s summer addition to last-minute hit Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle continues the idea of crossing franchises and takes us to the world of yet another favorite game from Nintendo – Donkey Kong. All the fuss flares up because of a washing machine broken by naughty rabbits so that Peach rabbit is cut off from Mario and other heroes. But Donkey Kong and the Krenky rabbit are in a hurry! Heroes witness the rebellion of the rabbit tribes in the jungle, and the familiar boss of the first world Rabbit Kong gains mighty power thanks to spoiled bananas. Having seized power, the odious big-eared big guy is going to establish a new order, which our loyal comrades should prevent. In parallel, they need to collect parts of the machine for the return of the Peach rabbit to his native land. Characters now and then poke fun at their enemies, and it is a pleasure to watch the grimaces of the grumpy old man Krenky and the haughty Peach with their favorite phone. The kingdom of the jungle meets the bright colors of the tropics and gradually changes the scenery in each of the four worlds, up to the underground temple with traps. Each collection is skillfully played up by the script. Developers change the conditions of the battles and in the course of pumping open up all the new possibilities of the characters. The creators used the time-tested step-by-step combat system, which in addition was updated with the individual abilities of the new heroes. The various properties of the characters can turn the tide of the battle, even in the most desperate moment. Heroes share roles on the battlefield. Fluffy Peach, a support unit, is able to set up a shield, inflict high damage from a run-up and heal fellow-soldiers. The newcomer Krenky is slow, but works great as a long-range fighter with an “argument”, and close up – charging explosive barrels. He is able to restore his health by vampirism, compensating for a small amount of vital energy, attacking several targets over the area. Donkey Kong is a real death machine with amazing capabilities. His main strength is in the ability to seize and throw absolutely everything on the battlefield — shelters, enemies, and even allies. This new plane in battles introduces a significant amount of variation and allows you to turn the outcome of the battle in their favor.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle - Donkey Kong Adventure: Review

Features and Graphics

Do not have time to get to the enemy or goal? You can build a chain of three units in such a way that Donkey becomes a bridge, throwing a comrade to the maximum distance. Do you want to pit enemies? The game allows you to throw a bigger foe into the thick of it! In addition, most shelters contain explosive and other projectiles that can be picked up and thrown at opponents during movement. The king of primates is able to stand up for himself a banana boomerang, which ricochets over enemies in the flight zone. In the near field of damage, he strikes the ground with the paws of the legs, causing great damage with a high chance of critical hits. You can also hold interesting combos with other characters. If the enemies scattered separately, Donkey will bring them together along with the rhythm of the drums, and the old man Krenky will finish the job with a lulling story, disabling any eared monsters for one move except the bosses. Of course, you become hostages of the trio, because in the DLC they are the only playable characters, but the variety of options and a new feature with Cong’s grasp compensate for this restriction. The gradually increasing level of complexity and all new situations do not let you get bored. So, the search rabbits move to any distance, collecting the details of the washing machine on the map, constantly changing the location of the dislocation, which makes it difficult to destroy them, given the constantly emerging enemies. Summoning rabbits call fellow tribesmen to help each turn, large individuals counterattack on the square, seizing blows and their own. Sometimes the task is to prevent the enemies from reaching the goal or to get to the desired point themselves. There are also surprises on combat maps, like moving attacking statues.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle - Donkey Kong Adventure: Review

User Experience

The ability to choose the right mix of different character tricks, combining all attacks in one series gives a lot of positive emotions. When you see how, one after another, the spectacular ability undermines enemies, causes them to collide with each other, fly away from the arena and gives you new advantages, and all this with the framing of a colorful picture – you feel indescribably cool. Donkey Kong Adventure is well balanced and allows you to feel like a genius commander, even if the player is not strong in the tactical genre, constantly throws in new puzzles and rewards for any thoughtful action. Between battles, you can engage in puzzles scattered in all locations for ingenuity, where you need to move blocks and memorize the location of objects or ways to activate certain switches. As a reward, you can get points for pumping the abilities of heroes, as well as various musical compositions, character models and other images in the local museum. Bonus levels and chellendzhi open after passing, allowing you to stay longer in the game. The cult composer Grant Kirkhope, familiar from the soundtracks of Rare games, like Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, Perfect Dark and Viva Pinata, was again in charge of the musical component. Whether it be a picturesque lagoon or a gloomy dungeon – the musician allows you to feel the atmosphere of each of the locations. The somewhere calm keyboard will prevail, in another place – frisky brass and drums. I would like to note the memorable combat theme, ” Jungle Joust “, which is an arrangement on ” Jungle Japes ” from Donkey Kong 64. It turned out to be unusually lively, epic and at the same time, sinister in places. The graphics still pleases with juicy styling, rich surroundings with lots of animated objects, high-quality anti-aliasing, skillful post-processing, and beautiful water effects.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle - Donkey Kong Adventure: Review

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